About SumarPlus

It all started in Africa, managing a university design consultancy in 2008, projected to drive sustainable growth, create new employment, and transition the country to a knowledge economy.

Since then, Sumar+ has spent the past decade curating diverse experiences that have delivered measurable impact and have generated actionable insight for clients + partners:

Our Curiosities and Where We’re Heading

We sit at the intersection of education, trade, and development, operating at a point in history marked by unprecedented disruption.

We’re futures-focused and our practices centre on:


Mapping the future of work to understand how inclusive global education can bridge the gap for billions and create pathways to meaningful employment and entrepreneurship. Learn more about what we do today.


Investigating how and where emergent technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning can harness action, rather than hinder progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Looking to market disruptors like blockchain, Islamic fintech, social entrepreneurship and ESG as untapped levers to advance inclusive growth for all. Let us know if you have any questions and we would be happy to help.

Our Commitments

The growth we seek is inclusive and sustainability informs all of our choices. Our external commitments re-affirms that Sumar+ is in it for the long-term.