About the Founder

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Abbas Sumar

It all starts somewhere.

In our case, Abbas wandered into sustainable development by happenstance.

A chance to serve as a legislative aide on Canada’s parliament hill emerged with an up-and-coming member of parliament focused of global education, development, and trade. From there, he pivoted to Sub-Saharan Africa to manage a transformational social impact project that would enable inclusive growth and cultivate entrepreneurship as the country transitioned to a knowledge economy.

The opportunity, while short on time was long on lessons and insights to guide the path forward.

From that point on, it’s been nothing less than an adventure, on different continents, cultivating partnerships, enabling sustainable growth, and making a lasting impact.

Career Highlights


Directing and managing a TVET institution’s global growth strategy, expanding its footprint in the Americas, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean.


Managing the Firm’s competitive tendering practice resulting in project wins in the Americas, the Caribbean and Asia aligned to its capabilities.


Directing global education consultancies, working with partners in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East to create platforms for knowledge exchange.


Developing and managing political engagement + media outreach in support of Canadian foreign policy, international trade + sustainable growth.


Expanding a global trade and development organization’s global impact through new partnerships + deeper engagement with civil society, the private and public sectors.


Leading the design and launch of multiple global campus establishment projects in the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa through innovative design strategies, modelled on Canadian experience.