Social + Community Integration Program for Newcomer Aging Populations

Capability: Program Design Services, Locally-led Solutions + Digital Development
Sector: Sustainable Development + ESG

Our Client’s Challenge

For several years, community interventions and responsive programming specific to our Client’s aging communities and newcomer populations were insufficient to meet growth in participants and needs. Growing concerns of social isolation and mental health were particularly acute amongst its newcomer populations, comprised of immigrant and refugee seniors.

Our Response

Sumar+ was engaged by a well-established community in the greater Toronto area to work with its aging population to identify new funding opportunities and assess organizational capability to execute age-friendly programming in line with funder requirements. Through the engagement, the Sumar+ team:

  • Consulted with community stakeholders to design responsive programs to increase engagement, support, and protection services.
  • Worked with the executive to establish a preliminary monitoring framework to measure impact / guide revisions.
  • Conducted a series of key informant interviews and focus groups to identify potential interventions as well as to gauge past programming performance.
  • Identified funding programs, completed a viability assessment, designed a suite of programs, and advised on the grant application and external relations strategy.


Our Client secured funding and program support from local and regional governments, enabling it to develop responsive programs to meet the needs of its aging communities and senior citizens. The program design and crowdfunding efforts by project leaders is enabling the continuity of services towards sustainability.