Global Higher Education

COVID-19’s impact on higher education is significant, multi-year and is already reshaping the sector’s outlook for growth, and innovation.


COVID-19’s impact on higher education is significant, multi-year and is already reshaping the sector’s outlook for growth, and innovation.

The pandemic’s impact on post-secondary finance has been immense and destabilizing enrolment forecasts for years to come. The pandemic and its attendant economic disruption are forcing institutions to reorganize human capability and re-conceptualize models for engagement that are inclusive by design and respond to market disruptors that are displacing established providers.

Set against financial instability and a demand for innovation, new entry points for futures-oriented institutions to engage within an evolving global marketplace for professional and lifelong learning are emerging.

Sumar+ brings deep insight and global experience in student engagement, enrolment growth, EdTech adoption, and global programs and campus development.

We work to position partners to achieve long-term value through inclusive and sustainable growth.

Our capabilities crosscut higher education with expertise within the applied learning and global business education sectors:

Global Campus Operations

Global Program Delivery

Program Development

Program Management

International Partnerships

International Mobility

Global Growth

Global Education Ventures

We partner with education start-ups and investors to co-design market-driven global education ventures from concept to scale that respond to industry need, builds brand, delivers capability, and consistently yields education and employment outcomes for graduates.

Institutional Growth

We provide advisory and due diligence support to partners and clients seeking to expand their education footprint abroad via acquisitions or mergers. Our scope starts at designing fit-for-purpose acquisition strategies and transitions to deal valuation, diligence, and launch phase services.

Global Learning + Skills Development

Sustainable Development

We partner with civil society, academic, private, and public sector organizations to create novel and impactful experiential learning opportunities that integrate the Sustainable Development Goals and sustainability within global mobility, on-campus internationalization, and academic programming.

Transformational Global Experience

We work with education partners around the world to deliver transformational global learning journeys for post-secondary learners that combine experiential and classroom learning to deliver high-demand skills and capabilities that employers are seeking.

Duty of Care and Risk Management

Sumar+ brings to bear transdisciplinary insights and global experience to student risk management and institutional duty of care, enabling our clients to develop fit-for-purpose risk architectures that reflect individual learner needs and respond in real-time to emergent risk. Our approach integrates futures thinking to inform risk mapping, scenario planning and effective global risk management.

Organizational Transformation

Sustainable Enrolment Growth

We work with clients and partners to develop, growth-oriented global enrolment strategies that drive sustainable achievement of institutional and program targets. We benchmark performance against local and regional competitors, continuously assess the landscape to identify current best practice that generate higher conversion rates.

Institutional Development

Sumar+ drives transformative improvement in learning outcomes, organizational innovation, and enrolment growth for educational providers across the spectrum. Our approach focuses on enabling excellence through the education value chain, building capability within leaders at all levels and shepherding values-driven organizational change.